Don’t Blink


I remember my first 2017 post with a clarity that makes me wonder how this year has already come to a close! Is tomorrow really Jan 1st of 2018?

Kenny Chesney song anyone?

Every year end, I like to take a mental inventory—for lack of a better word—of the events that made up the past year. This year, I’m called to look back on how my world has evolved over the past three years . . .


After nearly 7 years of dating, we took the plunge into married life.


My dude took a huge leap and began a brand new career.


We purchased our first ever home together and found out that our family was growing by one!


Life as we knew it changed forever! When we became parents a whole 6 weeks earlier than expected, I learned a great deal of patience, leaned further into faith, and reconnected with being thankful for everything, from victories to challenges.



What awaits our little trio in the new year?

The future is a crisp, white page just waiting for us to write our story.

And I can’t wait!



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