Gratitude > Attitude


The holiday season is finally and officially upon us!

💰 Black Friday!

💰 Cyber Monday!

💰 Mile-long wish lists & shiny new toys!

It’s okay to shop-till-you-drop & want A L L the things . . .

But let’s all remember to stay mindful of the true spirit and reason for the season!

Give back. Donate to a charitable cause that resonates with you. There are so, so many out there! Whether you are an animal lover, passionate about medical research, disease awareness, making sure no kid goes hungry . . . Find the one (or more) that hits you right in the heart.

Pay it forward! Hold the door open for someone instead of rushing into Starbucks to get your pre-shopping peppermint mocha fix. Or treat the person behind you to an unexpected, free coffee. If you’re at the grocery store, allow the obviously frazzled mom with kids swinging off every limb, to check out before you.

Check yourself! No one loves waiting in long lines, whether at the grocery store, at Target, or at the gas pump. Understandably, you may get a little grumpy. Real grumpy even. And that’s okay. But before you lay on your horn in traffic or snap at someone for cutting the line, check your attitude. It’s okay to express your frustration or correct someone . . . Just be sure to bring tact, class, and kindness!

Be grateful for this holiday season. For every new day. For the little and big things in life.



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