I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home.

Working in-home means being able to work anywhere, anytime. Different even from the flexible and modern corporate world I used to work in.

If my little guy has a rough night or decides naps aren’t happening, it’s okay! I get to tailor my day around him! And I love that I’m able to do that!

With freedom to work whenever, comes the struggle of always feeling connected. Of being on all the time. It’s so easy to convince myself to do just one more task before powering down for the night. Repeat, repeat, repeat . . . My need for work-life balance is even greater now. And balance, my friend, is everything.

I used to be mindful of the way I began each morning. Even through pregnancy, I awoke 10-20 minutes earlier than necessary. I’d sit quietly in meditation for 5-10 minutes. If time allowed, I would do a quick yoga flow or free write in my journal.

When baby boy came into this world, I traded quiet morning meditations for round-the-clock wake-ups and nursing. I’m not sure if all moms readily throw self-care completely out the window to live and breath baby 24/7, but I did, and loved almost every second of it. I say almost because let’s be real for a second. A change this drastic can leave a girl feeling disconnected from herself! 

So here I am. Coming up for air after 8 months of reveling in non-stop sweet baby bliss. Feeling a little bewildered. Realizing baby-life balance is also important.

Now that my little man is older, and has developed a routine of his own, I’ve decided to sprinkle a bit of momma time into our mornings. Balance!

While my mornings are still ruled by his wake-up time, I’ve gotten into this little routine:

  • Wake up to baby chatter and happy shrieks.
  • We say our good mornings. His gummy smiles melt my heart every time! I turn off his white noise machine, change him, open the curtains, and sit down in the rocker to feed him.
  • Enter: Mom time! I pop one earbud in, open up either YogaGlo or Headspace, and take a few minutes to meditate. We snuggle when he’s finished, and then we’re officially ready to begin our day.
  • While he rolls, army crawls, and plays on him mat, I get a little more me time in. I listen to the news, check emails, eat my morning protein bar, and sip coffee.
  • Like clockwork, he’s ready for his morning nap nearly two hours after waking. While he coos and chatters himself to sleep, I read my daily devotional. A twist on the typical gal’s quiet time that I personally love.
  • Once he’s soundly sleeping, I get myself dressed and ready for the day—this has become so important now that I work from home—then sit down to get some work done.

This simple practice is triggering a domino effect in other areas of my life. Making space for myself keeps me mindful of creating balance throughout my day.

I work when he’s sleeping. A space for work.

I am 100% mom when he’s awake. A space for baby.

Unplugging at night is somehow easier.

I’m not perfect of course. But I am more mindful of my actions.

Do you have work-life balance? How about life-you balance? Which area needs your attention? 



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