Shiny & New

My favorite part about the beginning of a new year is the feeling of opening up to a brand new chapter in my life. A shiny and new chapter that has not yet been written. I know that for some, the new year is a fresh start, and a way to close the door on the past year. I however, like to see it as an uncharted path along the way to wherever it is this rad and happy adventure called life takes me. Not a way to forget the trail I’ve already trekked upon, but a continuation of that trail along the same journey. Maybe I just really like the thought of adventure.

And like any true adventurer at heart, I like to prepare myself for the journey by setting goals – trail markers, if you will – that will help condition me for the road that lies ahead.

So, what’s in store for this girl in 2017? Well, since this post runs the risk of turning into a novel, I’m going to break my 2017 goals down in three separate posts. One for each focus: body, mind, soul.

First up – Body

Before I began baking this little bun of mine, I kept up a good fit regime. Boot camp and running (with a bit of yoga sprinkled in) were my main fit focuses during 2016.

Running became impossible pretty early on in my pregnancy. Not because my doctor advised against it, but because running suddenly felt so uncomfortable on every single joint in my body that instead of the runner’s high I was used to, I discovered running dread. I’ve always loved how free running makes me feel. Having every ounce of joy suddenly sucked out of it was awful, and I worried I’d soon grow to hate running if I continued to push myself, so I decided to swap my running routine for brisk walks. The change was a tough one to get used to, but my body thanked me for it. I don’t see my running hiatus being permanent, but for now it seems to be what I need.

During the first few months of pregnancy, I continued to take boot camp classes, easing off on weight and intensity, as well as frequency. Once I got into the second trimester though, coming up with modifications in a group class setting just became too difficult. I tried adding yoga to my walking routine, but it just didn’t satisfy the hibernating fit nut within me. And then I remembered the Tone It Up community. I’ve been following the lovely K&K on Instagram for the past year and a half, without ever actually committing to joining in on the fit fun. With followers of all ages and across several countries, I recently decided that it is the perfect place to continue my fit pregnancy journey.


I’ve been an official TIU girl for nearly two weeks now, and love it. Workouts are scheduled out a week at a time. Each day consists of ‘5 Daily Moves’ and a specific workout (varying from cardio, body part focused routines, and strength training). You can either workout to that day’s video (some of which require purchase), or can do your own variation of the day’s workout.

There is zero guess work, and I love that! One of my biggest fitness road blocks over the years has been creating my own training routine. It can be fun, don’t get me wrong. It can also however, be tedious, boring, and at times even demotivating. At least for me. The constant research involved in coming up with different routines to ward of boredom and the dreaded physical plateau . . . Well at times I felt like all I was doing was research and planning. By the time it came to actually following the plan I’d spend so much time putting together, I sometimes dreaded it. Having a weekly workout routine planned out for me – with the added bonus of a community made up of other women working towards their own fit goals – is a little slice of heaven to me.

I can honestly say that I haven’t felt bored, uninterested, or demotivated once since joining. The routines are well though out, easy to follow, as well as easy to fit into my day. K&K, the women behind TIU, are spunky, fun, and incredibly motivating. Another huge bonus – in my opinion – is that joining the community is absolutely free. While there are fitness plans and bundles available to purchase, that aspect is optional. You can make progress on your personal fit journey whether or not you pay for the additional goodies.

I look forward to checking back in and sharing updates on my fit bump journey.

Oh, and I will be posting my mind-centered 2017 goals in my next post. For now . . .



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